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In Real Time

Sarah Crews and Stan Cox

In 2022, Americans face two terrifying prospects: one, that accelerated climate disruption threatens to render much of the Earth unlivable, and two, that the United States’ current political drift toward right-wing authoritarian rule could quickly become a steep slide, dashing our hopes for attaining a multiracial, pluralistic democracy. These crises are intertwined. Either we find meaningful responses to both, or we fail dramatically on both. 'In Real Time: Chronicle of a Fate Unknown' is a series of articles (published by the City Lights Books blog, in which Stan Cox sets down a month by month account of what could be the most fateful span of time for our country since the 1860s. In this podcast, 'In Real Time', Sarah Crews reads the audio version of each monthly article, starting on Earth Day, April 22, 2022 and going to Earth Day 2024.